230: Buna frá Skrúð

IS2012235846 (M5)

Rider Björn Haukur Einarsson
Breeder Sigfús Kristinn Jónsson
Owner Björn Haukur Einarsson


FF Álfasteinn frá Selfossi – IS2001187660
F Spuni frá Vesturkoti – IS2006187114
Buna frá Skrúð – IS2012235846
FM Stelpa frá Meðalfelli – IS1999225029
MF Brynjar frá Árgerði – IS1991165662
M Yrja frá Skrúð – IS1994235847
MM Doppa frá Skrúð – IS1986235004


Conformation Rideability
Head9.00 Tölt9.00
Neck, withers and shoulders8.50 Trot7.50
Back and croup8.00 Pace8.50
Proportions8.50 Gallop8.00
Legs (quality)8.00 Spirit9.00
Legs (joints)7.50 General impression8.50
Hooves8.50 Walk7.50
Mane and tail6.50 Slow Tölt8.00
subtotal8.28  8.47
 Total score8.39

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