282: Marel from Creekside Farm

US2010104426 (S7)

Rider Þórður Þorgeirsson
Breeder Barbara Frische
Owner Creekside Farm Rutledge LLC, Nicole Kempf


FF Jónas von Birkenlund – DE1996107902
F Bjartur von Hof Osterkamp – DE2005134115
Marel from Creekside Farm – US2010104426
FM Hugsýn von Birkenlund – DE1992204880
MF Lárus von Birkenlund – DE1996104879
M Lára vom Neuenfelde – DE2005234796
MM Nótt frá Reykjavík – IS1987225296


Conformation Rideability
Head9.00 Tölt8.00
Neck, withers and shoulders8.50 Trot7.00
Back and croup8.00 Pace8.00
Proportions9.00 Gallop8.00
Legs (quality)8.00 Spirit7.50
Legs (joints)8.50 General impression8.00
Hooves8.50 Walk8.50
Mane and tail9.00 Slow Tölt7.50
subtotal8.54  7.83
 Total score8.12

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