Pace Race Champions Markus and Lona!

A super exciting pace race was ridden this morning. Markus Albrecht Schoch [CH] rode a stunning 21,46′ over 250m with his incredibly fast Kóngur frá Lækjamóti, which makes them World Champion P1! Young rider Lona Sneve [NO] did a fantastic job as well with Stóri-Dímon frá Hraukbæ, that led straight to the titel of World Champion Young Rider P1 due to their super fast time: 21,60′ Congratulations! ATTENTION! We have a PROGRAM UPDATE for fans of speed: P2 pace race, 100 meters, will start at 08:00 tomorrow morning!

PROVISIONAL Startlist YR V1 A-Final

World Championships 2017 – 7-14 aug 2017
V1-YR Four Gait YR – A-Final
Starting Order – za 12-08 12:25
Qualification: Sport A
POS                 CLR   NR          PARTICIPANT                                                                                 
—                     OR    006        Gústaf Ásgeir Hinriksson [YR] – Pistill frá Litlu-Brekku [IS2007165003] – IS
—                     RE    158        Filippa Helltén [YR] – Máni frá Galtanesi [IS2003155005] – SE
—                     WH   112        Olivia Ritschel [YR] – Alvar frá Stóra-Hofi [IS2007186005] – DE
—                     BL     168        Yrsa Danielsson [YR] – Hector från Sundsby [SE2005104784] – SE
—                     GR    002        Anna-Bryndís Zingsheim [YR] – Náttrún vom Forstwald [DE2009244478] – IS
Participants will enter the track in reverse order.
Composed 12 augustus 2017 12:25:15
IceTest 1.1.780 – FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations –

PROVISIONAL Startlist F1 B-Final

World Championships 2017 – 7-14 aug 2017
F1 Five Gait – B-Final
Starting Order – za 12-08 10:51
Qualification: Sport A
POS                 CLR   NR          PARTICIPANT                                                                                 
07                    OR    061        Rasmus Møller Jensen – Garpur frá Kjarri [IS2010187190] – DK
08                    RE    103        Jana Köthe – Fannar frá Kvistum [IS2003181966] – DE
08                    WI     180        Mara Daniella Staubli – Hlébarði frá Ketilsstöðum [IS2005176173] – CH
10                    BL     185        Silvia Ochsenreiter-Egli – Heljar frá Stóra-Hofi [IS2003186003] – CH
12                    GR    124        Mike Adams – Kafteinn frá Kommu [IS2005165890] – GB
Participants will enter the track in reverse order.
                                 066        Sys Pilegaard – Muni vom Hrafnsholt [] – DK
Composed 12 augustus 2017 10:51:11
IceTest 1.1.780 – FEIF – International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations –

Startlist T1 Tölt – B-Final

06: OR 102 Irene Reber [DE] – Þokki frá Efstu-Grund [IS2003184151]
07: RE 145 Thomas Larsen [NO] – Zorró frá Grímsstöðum [IS2000184597]
10: WH 055 Frederikke Stougård [DK] – Börkur frá Sólheimum [IS2005158856]
10: BL 104 Johanna Beuk [DE] – Merkur von Birkenlund [DE2001134877]
 12: GR 157 Eyjólfur Þorsteinsson [SE] – Háfeti frá Úlfsstöðum [IS2004158875]

Great atmosphere at the WC!

Here are interesting videos from the participants talking about how they experience their stay here at the WC. Henning Drath, the speaker from Germany, expresses how he has experienced this event so far. Among his interview, Jolly Schrenk, the world champion of 2007 here in Oirschot, and Johanna Tryggvason, successful participant in V1 and T2, confirmed that their horses enjoyed their stay as well and are grateful for the effort the horses put in their tests.

To see all the videos, please look at

Wrap-up Day 5

Day 5 of the WC2017 is finished and what an event-packed day it was! First of we had the preliminary rounds in T2 where several combinations gave quite a promising performance for the finals next Sunday. The T2 was followed by the Horses of Holland-show where the best of the best Dutch-bred Icelandic horses showed their capabilities. Next up we had the exciting V1 B-Finals where Irene Reber with Þokki frá Efstu-Grund secured her place in the A-finals on Sunday with a score of 7.43. After the B-finals in V1 the crowd made sure to get to the stands at the pace track to witness the riders perform in the first two heats of the P1 pace race over 250m. British rider Charlotte Cook took the lead with Sæla frá Þóreyjarnúpi and finished like a proper jockey in 21.87 seconds. To end the day in style the second round of ridden abilities for the breeding horses took place. Tomorrow we have a very busy day (see program) which will start with two spectacular heats of races at the pace track. Followed by the B-finals in T1. Later we will see the Young Riders perform in the A-Finals Five gait and in the evening you are welcome to enjoy The Gala Show! Will we see you at the party tonight?

Jos Dirix and Wilma van Duuren: creativity at Markarður

Many you’ve seen there people in the WC2017 Magazine, which you can get at the info points. These are Jos Dirix, sculptor, and Wilma van Duuren, creative artist. They have a whole collection of sculptures and art that you can view at their stand in Markarður.

Usually you can find them at big event in the Dressage and Show Jumping world but they feel honored to be at the WC2017!

Special Meeting the Breeders at the Spiegeltent

There is a special opportunity at the Spiegeltent today: a few special guests join the regulars to talk about breeding horses and riding them. Among them are Johann Skúlason, Nils Christian Larsen and Sigurður Vignir Matthíasson!

What’s happening in the Spiegeltent?

We have been talking about the Spiegeltent all week. Today is the last day that lectures will be held there. And we have some specials for you today!

Nils Christian Larsen and others will be there at 12:00 to welcome you and talk about breeding World Champions.

What do horses in Iceland eat? Rob Krabbenborg can tell you everything you want to know. He starts at 14:00.

At 16:30 there will be the FEIF Youth Drop in. All the youth of the past and the future is welcome.

A lecture about shoeing the Icelandic Horse and an International Meeting by Royal Kerkhaert Horseshoes starts at 18:15.

Party time at 18:00. At the Catering Terrace, next to the Spiegeltent, the Cuata night starts.

The first World Champions of the WC2017: Magnús and Konrád!

We are happy to announce first World Champions! The PP1 was ridden today, and Magnús Skúlason [SE] with Valsa från Brösarpsgården [SE2009210614] rode the phenomenal score of 9.09, which seems to be a World Record! The best Young Rider was Konrád Valur Sveinsson [IS] with Sleipnir frá Skör [IS2009101486] who finished with a 7,50.


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