Volunteers @WC2017

Did you know that the WC2017 is made possible with the help of volunteers? A total of 500 people help make this event a success. It’s not just Dutch people who help; people from over 10 countries are here, and some of them have been to several world championships to volunteer. Watch the video to see their enthusiasm and why they come back every time to volunteer!

Wrap up Tuesday and program for tomorrow

The first test in competition is completed! The riders together with their horses showed spectacular performances in the preliminary round of Four Gait – V1. They were welcomed very warmly by an enthusiastic audience.

After the confirmation assessment, the ridden abilities of the breeding horses were tested. In the afternoon showed the 5 year old breeding horses their qualities in the first round of ridden abilities.

Results of the preliminary round of V1 can be found here.

Tomorrow the event continues with exciting tests in Five Gait F1 from 11:15 – 16:45. Before this competition, the 1st round of ridden abilities for 6 year old breeding horses takes place in the morning starting at 09:00. The 1st round of assessing the ridden abilities finishes with 7 years and older horses at 19:00. Not to miss is the Opening Ceremony from 16:45 – 17:30 on the Oval track.

There is additional program in the Spiegeltent (Mirrortent) as well. Informative talks in the areas of training and assessing horses and in behaviour of horses among others can be attended. The 1st presentation starts at 13:00 and the program finishes with the last presentation at 21:00.

The program for competition can be found here and here you can find the additional program.

Photo: Jacco Suijkerbuijk

Children’s corner at the World Championships

Children usually want to play the whole day! The children’s corner next to the Northstand of the Oval track makes it possible. Interesting activities are painting, doing jigsaws and crafting for children. “Their favourite play is to ‘fish’ with a magnetic tool” says Mary, one of the volunteers who takes care of the children. She said the corner had been visited quite often. Children between the ages of 3 to 12 years can explore this area from 8:45 – 18:00. It is also possible for children younger than 3 years to play there if they are accompanied by an adult.


Results Four gait – V1

Today the first test started on the oval track, four gait – V1. It was exciting until the end and the crowd got spoiled with beautiful horses and nice gaits. Taking the lead going into the V1 final is Johanna Tryggvason (Germany) with Fönix frá Syðra-Holti, for the Young-Riders it is Gústaf Ásgeir Hinriksson (Iceland) riding Pistill frá Litlu-Brekku.

A-Final Adult riders:
01: 105 Johanna Tryggvason [WC] [DE] – Fönix frá Syðra-Holti 7,47
7,8 – 7,7 – 7,3 – 7,4 – 7,3
02: 104 Johanna Beuk [DE] – Merkur von Birkenlund 7,43
7,3 – 7,6 – 7,5 – 7,4 – 7,4
03: 003 Ásmundur Ernir Snorrason [IS] – Spölur frá Njarðvík 7,33
7,4 – 7,3 – 7,4 – 7,1 – 7,3
04: 106 Jolly Schrenk [DE] – Glæsir von Gut Wertheim 7,23
7,1 – 7,3 – 7,0 – 7,3 – 7,4
05: 005 Guðmundur Friðrik Björgvinsson [WC] [IS] – Straumur frá Feti 7,20
7,2 – 7,3 – 7,3 – 6,8 – 7,1
05: 052 Dennis Hedebo Johansen [DK] – Kolfaxi frá Blesastöðum 1A 7,20
7,3 – 7,4 – 7,2 – 7,1 – 6,7
05: 197 Artemisia Bertus [NL] – Korgur frá Ingólfshvoli 7,20
7,3 – 7,3 – 7,4 – 7,0 – 7,0

A-Final Young-riders:
01: 006 Gústaf Ásgeir Hinriksson [YR] [IS] – Pistill frá Litlu-Brekku 7,03
7,0 – 7,1 – 7,1 – 6,7 – 7,0
02: 158 Filippa Helltén [YR] [SE] – Máni frá Galtanesi 6,77
6,7 – 6,9 – 6,6 – 6,8 – 6,8
03: 112 Olivia Ritschel [YR] [DE] – Alvar frá Stóra-Hofi 6,67
6,7 – 6,7 – 6,6 – 6,8 – 6,0
04: 168 Yrsa Danielsson [YR] [SE] – Hector från Sundsby 6,63
6,5 – 6,7 – 6,5 – 7,0 – 6,7
05: 002 Anna-Bryndís Zingsheim [YR] [IS] – Náttrún vom Forstwald 6,60
6,6 – 6,8 – 6,6 – 6,6 – 6,4

For all the results take at look here: http://wk2017.nl/results/?pr=v1

Images: Nick van Dijk and Jacco Suijkerbuijk

Breeding Assessment: Not boring at all!

Breeding horses at the WC

The WC actually started on the 7th of August, Monday, with the breeding assessment. Here the respective countries show their horses with the best recent results in complete breeding evaluations following FEIF rules. The full evaluation consists of a conformation judgement and the evaluation of performance traits for which the horse is shown under saddle and is done by a committee of FEIF-appointed accredited judges from different countries. Horses are evaluated by age groups (5 and 6 year olds, and 7 and up), mares and stallions separately.

The conformation stage show

The conformation evaluation takes about 10 minutes per horse and while the handler tries to show the horse as nicely as possible, and the judges deliberate, there is not much entertainment for spectators.

How different it was now! The conformation judgement was done in a huge tent and the horses were given a true podium, an elevated platform over the full width of the tent. And there was stage lighting, giving it all a real theatre atmosphere. The horses seemed to enjoy their rock star status because they adapted well to this quite unusual setting and proudly looked down on their audience.

And a large audience there was, and everybody had a good view because there was projection on large screens as well. Due to the sunny weather, the large audience and the stage lighting, it was quite warm inside but everybody kept up well. Fortunately, the horses were inside only for ten minutes each.

The beauty of the horses

Anybody interested in the elements that make a beautiful Icelandic horse could fill their head with near ideal images as virtually all stallions and most mares scored well over 8, representing really high scores. The spectators could use a form to self-evaluate their own analytical assessment. However, the conformation is only part, and the smallest part, of the breeding evaluation.

Performance test

Icelandic horses are to be gaited, well spirited riding horses and breeding horses are evaluated for this. The horses are to demonstrate their functional qualities in the days to come. This will be done on a long straight track and they can first use ten passages to show their gaits when shown individually. On following days, they may try to raise their scores when shown in small groups.

The horses will be ridden ‘free style’ with a lot of speed variation and acceleration. This will bring out the true beauty of the Icelandic horse and is definitely exiting to watch. The horses must be naturally talented to perform well already at ages 5 and 6 and, in contrast to the sports events, this is not about riders and combinations but ‘just’ about the best horses to contribute to next generations.

Martje Fentener van Vlissingen

Today @Spiegeltent

Today you can join some exciting lectures in the Spiegeltent.

At 13 o’clock Sigurbjörn Bárðarson will tell you all you need to know about pace. If you’re interested in breeding Champions be there at 14:00. Old horses need special feeding, Rob Krabbenborg is the man to tell you all about it at 15:00. The effect of the T1 final on a horse’s body has been researched. Cees van Beckhoven and Eva Beun will present the results at 16:00.

And we end the day with all the ins and outs about fertility and artificial insemination. Anna-Lotte Bos will start at 17:45.

1st day of the World championship for horses

Today FEIF Judges assessed the conformation for breeding horses. All horses received high grades and we look forward to see their ridden abilities later this week. Here are the conformation results:

7 years and older stallions:

  1. DE2010163414 Gear von der Igelsburg – 8.36
  2. NO2010104091 Bjartmar fra Nedre Sveen – 8.29
  3. FI2009112002 Freir fra Kaakkola – 8.31
  4. DK2008109008 Garpur fra Højgaarden – 8.56
  5. IS2009101167 Þórálfur frá Prestsbæ – 8.76
  6. SE2009110329 Viking från Österåker – 8.43
  7. US2010104426 Marel from Creekside Farm – 8.54

7 year old mares:

  1. IS2008281511 Hnit frá Koltursey – 8,57
  2. DK2010200202 Kátína fra Eskildsminde – 7.93
  3. NO2009208101 Kör fra Ytterbø – 8.29
  4. SE2010201720 Victoria från Solbacken – 8.68
  5. BE2009201693 Lilja II frá Malou – 8.04
  6. DE2009234135 Glódís vom Kronshof – 8.61
  7. BE2009201723 Saga frá Malou – 7.81
  8. AT2007240033 Sefja vom Vindstaðir – 7.87

6 year old stallions:

  1. IS2011186134 Finnur frá Ármóti – 8,66
  2. DK2011100181 Sonur fra Dalur – 8,54
  3. DE2011184531 Mjölnir vom Lipperthof – 8,59
  4. NL2011100093 Þórjón frá Krá – 8,41
  5. NO2011101154 Vals fra Fagerholt – 8,16
  6. SE2011103560 Glaður från Sundabakka – 8,52

6 year old mares: 

  1. NO2011201083 Viska fra Folkenborg – 8,31
  2. IS2011282311 Hervör frá Hamarsey – 8,61
  3. DE2011234069 Jódís vom Kronshof – 8,29
  4. DK2011200735 Hetja frá Nordal – 8,49
  5. SE2011203240 Maístjarna från Knutshyttan – 8,13
  6. NL2011200196 Dóttla van ’t Groote Veld – 8,04
  7. AT2011270864 Elfa-Freyja von Fürstenbrunn – 8,03

5 year old stallions:

  1. DK2012100113 Skinfaxi frá Lysholm – 8,22
  2. NO2012102129 Viljar frá Kval – 8,11
  3. SE2012104116 Hróður från Gröna Gången – 8,50
  4. DE2012134043 Klakkur vom Kronshof II – 8,29
  5. IS2012166201 Grani frá Torfunesi – 8,11
  6. AT2012104842 Sígur-Greifu vom Panoramahof – 7,93

5 year old mares:

  1. SE2012204590 Hera från Backhome – 8,34
  2. IS2012235846 Buna frá Skrúð – 8,28
  3. NO2012202078 Terna frá Kleiva – 8,57
  4. DE2012234220 Sóley von der Rehwiese – 8,16
  5. DK2012200461 Kæra frá Slippen – 8,31

Details of the results can be found here.

Additionally, two programs took place in the mirror tent: FEIF Breeding Judge Barbara Frische informed about how confirmation is judged and Trainer Yoni Blom talked about training riders.

The Markaður shopping area has been visited frequently. It is opened daily from 09:00 – 21:30 and worth a visit!

Tomorrow starts the preliminary round of Fourgait V1. After that, the first round of the assessment of the ridden abilities takes place for the 5 year old horses.

The additional program continues in the mirror tent. Informative presentations about riding techniques and keeping horses among others.

The full program can be found here.

Daytrips to discover Brabant!

If you are interested in a day out for the whole family, Van Fraassen Travelling and Visit Brabant offer five amazing day trips, two of which start tomorrow at 09:00 for only € 15,00 per person (entrance not included).

You can go to Efteling, a great theme park about fairy tales. Many attractions can be discovered as well as enchanting shows and breath taking rides on rollercoasters which are all located in a fairy tale forest.

A second option is to visit the Safari Park Beekse Bergen in Hilvarenbeek. It is well known as the largest wildlife park in Europe and keeps African wildlife animals like lions, gorillas and even elephants. Together with the natural environment, visitors will feel like being in the open wildlife and can explore the park either on food or go on safari.

More details of both trips and information on how to book can be found via the following link: https://vanfraassenbusreizen.nl/daytrips

Change in schedule for ridden abilities

The schedule for the ridden abilities on Tuesday and Wednesday has changed. On Tuesday the ridden abilities for 5 year old mares and stallions starts at 18:45 instead of 19:00. On Wednesday the ridden abilities for 6 year old mares and stallions starts at 8:45 instead of 9:00, and the 7 year old mares and stallions and older starts at 18:30 instead of 19:00.

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