Relay ride from World Championhips to World Championships

Start of the ride to Oirschot in Herning, 2017

It’s a tradition to ride from the last World Championships location to the new WC location, this year from Herning in Denmark to Oirschot in the Netherlands. Riders are welcome with well-trained and traffic proof Icelandic horses. The Regional Associations organize the relay ride from the German Border. From Enschede to Oirschot from July 29th until August 6th. It’s 200 kilometers in a week. It will be a robust ride, 30 kilometers a day, camping and cooking. The river Rhine will be crossed by bicycle-ferry. Support is arranged: transport of luggage, a trainer, a blacksmith and a veterinarian are on stand bys. If you are interested see the Facebook page Estafetterit IJslanders naar de WK Oirschot. If you don’t understand  Dutch, leave a message, they’ll be in contact  in English or German. Or send an email to
WC 2007, photo Geert-Jan Heyda

Preliminary program WC2017 announced

Every day is a celebration during the WC2017! From the first breeding assessment and training on the tracks to the last finals and the closing ceremony. So don’t miss out, make sure you are ready to go on Sunday August 6 when our gates open at 12 in the afternoon to welcome the first guests. Let the games begin! Did you book your ticket (and camp spot) yet? Don’t be late, the discount on tickets is available until May 1st, 2017.
SU Aug 6 12:00 terrain open to visitors
MO Aug 7 Breeding Classes, conformation
TU 8 Aug Four gait V1, Breeding Classes, ridden abilities
WE Aug 9 Five gait F1, Opening ceremony, Breeding Classes, ridden abilities
TH Aug 10 Tölt T1, Pace test PP1
FR Aug 11 Tölt T2, Breeding Classes, ridden abilities, 2nd round, Pace race 1 + 2
SA Aug 12 B-finals, Pace race 3 + 4, Youth Finals
SU Aug 13 Speed Pace, Youth Finals, A-finals, Closing ceremony

WC soundtrack: We run as one

It’s a tradition, good World Championships are accompanied by a great soundtrack!

We run as one is written especially for the World Championships 2017 in Oirschot. We have searched for musical talents in the Dutch Icelandic horse community and found Jula Kalshoven, a musical jazz talent and Naomi van Rijn, also known as the singer of the WC 2007 tune. Music is by Gijs Coolen & Jula Kalshoven, lyrics by Naomi van Rijn and Jula Kalshoven, produced and mixed by Gijs Coolen and mastered by Jonas David Kröper.

This fantastic talented and Icelandic horse loving team made this cheerful, recognizable soundtrack for the upcoming World Championships.

Sport judges for World Championships 2017 announced by FEIF

The Sport judges for the World Championships 2017 have been selected from a record-setting pool of 30 willing judges. The selection committee consisted of Þorgeir Guðlaugsson (World Championships Chief Judge), Doug Smith (Sport Committee) and Will Covert (designated by the Sport Judges Committee).

The selection process considered the activity of each potential judge during the 2016 competition season, the limits on the number of judges from the same country, the need to bring fresh judges to the World Championships, and the committee’s opinions about which individuals would make the strongest overall jury.

The jury for the World Championships 2017 will consist of (in alphabetical order):

  • Andre Boehme
  • Anna Andersen
  • Åsa William
  • Einar Ragnarsson
  • Halldór Gunnar Victorsson
  • Johannes Hoyos
  • Lisa Olovsson
  • Lutz Lesener
  • Rune Svendsen
  • Sigurbjörn Viktorsson
  • Stefan Hackauf
  • Uschi Heller-Voigt
  • Valdimar Auðunsson

The reserve judges are Christian Reischauer and Nicolai Thye.


Hotel booking codes

Looking for a place to stay during the World Championships?

There are several options to get a good night of sleep. We have a campsite where you can set up your own tent, or rent a flexotel, flexotent or log cabin for a more luxury stay.

But, are you looking for a hotel or a place near the showgrounds to stay? Here are some suggestions, use the booking code for the special price.

Registration for volunteers is open!

Our registration for volunteers of the WC2017 has been opened! Do you speak your languages, are you over 16, do you feel comfortable interacting with people and do you want to help us organize a great sporting event? Are you at least available for 4 days?

Then we’d love to hear from you! Register as a volunteer and let us know what and when you can join us.

Sleep in luxury at the Visitors’ Campsite

Quality beds, readymade lodgings ánd lighting. Next edition of the World Championships for Icelandic horses you can opt for luxury at our camping. Glamping in style! At our Visitors’ Campsite we offer you three types of comfortable accommodations. Don’t want to bring your tent or camper? Then opt for Flexotels, Flexotents or Log Cabins. Book your luxury stay now and make sure you will be glamping in 2017…

Flexotel, Flexotent, Log Cabins
  • Your most luxurious choice is the Flexotel. This private double bedroom offers two box spring beds, towels, chairs and storage space (€ 898 / 9 nights)
  • The Flexotent extends the same level of comfort. It accommodates two persons in a frame tent (€598 / 9 nights).
  • Log Cabins sleep four in two bunk beds. These little cottages are your best buy (€848 / 9 nights)
Book now!

Enjoy the sociable atmosphere of the Visitors’ Campsite, and stay within walking distance of the competition grounds. There are plenty of facilities you can use. The campsite opens 5 August 2017 at 13:00 and closes 14 August 2017 at 12:00. Do you want to bring your own tent, caravan or camper? Of course you are welcome to book a basic camping pitch.

Book your luxury accommodation or read more about our campsite offers 

Registration Volunteers online May 2016

A great event like the World Championships in 2017 can only succeed thanks to the enthusiastic efforts of a few hundred volunteers. Before, during and after the event these volunteers will be a vital part of the experience for horses, riders and visitors. Without volunteers no World Championships!

Volunteer registration to open may 2016

We are overwhelmed by all the requests when volunteers can apply. You will just have to wait a little longer… In May 2016 we will have everything set, and will open the registration for all volunteers. Please check this website or our Facebook page regularly for more information.

Stroll down memory lane

Watch this video of the World Championships for Icelandic horses in 2007. Remember the good old days in Oirschot…
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