Individual marks
081 Oona Ylipuranen [YR] - Team: FI
Yngvi från Åleby [SE2005104313] - Stallion - 2005 - (SE)
F: Toppur frá Eyjólfsstöðum   M: Nótt från Knutshyttan
-FF: Hrafn frá Holtsmúla -MF: Baldur frá Bakka
-FM: Sera frá Eyjólfsstöðum -MM: Brún frá Kúskerpi
Breeder: Petra Lindberg
Owner: Prohestar Oy
P1 - Pace Race 250 m
  1st Heat   ---   Total: 25,04 "
  2nd Heat   ---  
  3rd Heat   25,04" (= 5,97)  
  4st Heat   ---  
P2 - SpeedPass
  1st Heat   8,33" (= 6,12)   Total: 8,20 "
  2nd Heat   8,20" (= 6,33)  

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